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Ugh @intuition, that’s terrible! To take a good photograph you do not even need props. Props are nice added extras, like maybe old soda crates and wooden chairs for people to sit on, and maybe a metal sled for Christmas card photos, or a basket and some soft blankets and knit hats for baby photos. Aside from those things (which are all relatively inexpensive) photography is NOT throwing a bunch of cheesy props like teddy bears and rubber ducks in family photos. For people to use the excuse that they need to spend money on props vs. on equipment, it just sounds idiotic.

There are some people in my town I know for sure are charging for portraits using a point and shoot. Last year an art gallery opened up and the owner didn’t really know how to use discretion when accepting work. (Her gallery closed less than a year later). She kind of let anybody submit work. She invited artists to have “gallery showings” and this one girl was scheduled to have a photography show. So, I checked out her work on FB beforehand and planned on going. To my dismay all her work was terrible. I did go because I wanted to meet her. I said I was a photographer also, and asked her what camera she used. She said “Oh! It’s here in my purse actually… it’s a PowerShot!” I was totally not surprised. Here’s her page. Even her non-photography artwork looks like that of a 4th grader and she apparently went to school for graphic design at the tech college. I took graphic design courses in college and my professor would have failed me instantly for submitting some of the work she did for school projects (look at her magazine covers). https://www.facebook.com/KourtneyArtAndDesign/photos_albums