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reality check

Agreed.  Fauxtography runs rampant in the military.  Running a shoddy business and fauxtography aside…I think military spouses get the short end of the stick.  Constantly relocating and having to start “careers” over and over again.  Are they even able to have a true successful career?  They are desperate for something to fulfill them.  I think the portability of photography “businesses” is very attractive to them.  It makes them feel like they are contributing financially while doing something fun and easy (Or so they think) If they were to sit and figure out, how much it costs them to be in “business” they would find they are spending a lot more than earning.  and while being for hire learning diddly squat as far as photography skills.  they start so fast that they fall into bad habits and cant break them.  What I don’t understand is, if they love photography, like they say they do, why not learn it?  Why not just do it for themselves, instead of taking advantage of people and dealing with all the faux madness?  Are they not allowed to do something solely for themselves?  Is there some sort of high they get from pretending to be something they are not?  Is it photography they love or the attention, drama, and Facebook likes?  Isn’t there other, less expensive and less shady ways to go about this than running a sub par and/or illegal photography business?  Do they ever eventually wake up and see this?  If they do, what happens to them?  Do they just hide and never speak of it again?  Why aren’t there any X fauxtogs crying out to people and trying to help others from falling in?  I mean you never see that do you?  They have to be out there.  Tons upon tons by now.  Where are they?


LOL the answer just dawned on me!!  They are all stationed in Germany! 😉