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I’d say you are not a faux but there are still issues. I think your prices are realistic and if you can make a legal living off then by all means.

The main problem with your photos is that they lack a bit of zing, they are a bit dark and a bit bland yet at the same time you have lots of burnt out skies. Your colours don’t pop either, I’m not looking for just a global increase in saturation but rather a bit more vibrance and maybe a touch more contrast. I can’t see what settings you have for your camera or what equipment you are using because of facebook but in general lower ISO will be better for image quality including colours. If your lenses aren’t great the colour won’t come out very nice either.

Your colour consistency is poor, the colour temp varies wildly within the same shoot which doesn’t matter much if you have a single shot but in an album it doesn’t look good.

I think you still have a lot to learn, do you have any opportunity to assist a well established photographer? I think you could benefit a lot from some tutelage in person.