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Thank you all!   I happen to work another job so my cheap prices are because I already knew I was still faux material, but as you can see there’s still a demand. 🙂  I watched youtube tutorials to figure out how to shoot in AV and some other very basic things.  The whole thing took off so fast I guess I lost focus (no pun intended) and forgot to keep learning.  My youngest daughter has a seizure disorder, so between my part time job and this gig I’m pulling enough cash to be home with her more.  I reallllllllly don’t want to be a faux, and want to capture the images I can compose in my head but the supply and demand escaped me really fast because the other local “photographers” are waaaaaaaaaaaay worse than me (hard to believe, eh?).  I’m going to pull in the reins and stop scheduling for awhile and learn a lot more about the issues you all mentioned.  Thanks so much.  In a year from now I plan to resubmit and hopefully shake the faux label 🙂