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Ummmm…. Well… You pretty much have all the ingredients needed to be a faux. I’m sorry. It just looks as though you are shooting hundreds of pictures in an auto mode to get a few ok shots, and then running actions on them. Doesn’t seem to be much care put into them. Not YANAP front page material, just ho hum snaps that anyone with a camera and the interest could take. I think it may be more about your prices, and your personality, than it is about your photography.
I think if you were to price for profit, instead of just for fun pretending to be in business, it may not go as well for you as far as how busy you are. Right now, I don’t think you should be charging, and you should take a few steps back and learn and get a good understanding of the basics first.

But, just because it’s where things stand right now, doesn’t mean you can’t change things, improve, and even run a legit profitable business someday. It takes time. Allow yourself time. Have patience, and perseverance.

Just a few things that stand out the most for me

Color managing: you need some help there. Have you calibrated? And maybe look up and learn more about while balance. How to set it in camera, and how to correct in post.

Focus: looks as though you are letting the camera chose the focus instead of telling the camera where to focus. Look up focus in your manual and learn the different modes and how to select your AF, lock focus, and all the ends and outs.

Light modification: I don’t remember seeing one portrait on your page where the eyes looked good and sharp and well lit. Lots of dead eyes going on.

Looks to me like you are getting a lot of your ideas from Pinterest and other fauxs and pros and just throwing it together because “awwwww how cute!” Much more to posing and making a portrait than that.

Not only is shooting on train tracks cliche and kind of funny, it’s also illegal and discouraged.