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I skipped the last couple of responses because I’m getting sleepy, but I’ll come back to them later and maybe expand.

A lot has been touched on thus far and is very accurate, very good advice.
I noticed a LOT of soft focus and, maybe it’s just me, but the photos of the young man look extremely feminine. Remember to take great care with posing! You seem to have a comfortable interaction with your clients and they seem genuinely at ease in some of the portraits. That being said, when you work with a couple (and not a large group or a group with young children) you can take more time. Chimping is generally discouraged, but after a few shots take a look at the viewfinder, zoom that sucker in and check your clarity. Catching it early will save you a lot of heartbreak when you get home. It’s the mark of an amateur but it’ll definitely help keep you alert, just make sure you’re not totally reliant on it.