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If you look at it and cringe, then yes, pull it. Really just post a pic or two of what gets you super excited when you take pics of someone so you’re showing your best.


I’m assuming you switched to single point ficus from the dynamic range focus (I think that’s what it’s called?) That should make an enormous difference because the camera left to it’s own will  usually just focus on the closest thing, whereas single point will focus where you put it.


The reason you get lots of business it’s because often people are uneducated on what  subpar, average, good, and great quality are. They see cheap and look at the pics and think cute! But they don’t know about all the issues the pics have.


As far as editing, don’t even touch anything in photo shop right now. Totally skip editing for now. Teach yourself to get that look in the camera.  Breaking up with photo shop for a little bit will make you learn the technical side faster.


I’m confused why are you finding conflicting info? Or at least on what sort of things?  For the main part it’s all physics and  math. What I did was pick one technical  subject each week to practice (focus, ISO, white balance, etc). Then each week I added on until eventually I was shooting full manual. After that it was about looking for light.


The pictures will usually look better or worse once on the computer because you’re viewing them bigger and actually able to view them correctly. Unless it’s obviously wrong, you probably won’t be able to tell until it’s on the computer.