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I’ll definitely pull the track shots.. I thought it might be illegal, but one of the last time I used them I was actually there with a police officer!  Aaaand a guy that works for the railroad!  How ironic is that?!  😛

Also, while we’re talking about pulling stuff- should I pull old albums that I look back on and cringe?  I mean, obviously I have a TON of work to do, but even I can see some improvement.

Last night I ordered a monopod to help reduce camera shake and watched like a million tutorials on better focus.  I was always letting the camera just do it’s thing. I had my seven year old let me snap a few shots last night and just a few simple adjustments and I saw a HUGE improvement.

Also, I don’t intend to stop shooting, just stop scheduling and start hitting up friends to use as guinea pigs.  I don’t understand why people like me get sooo much business.  I get it, my prices are dirt cheap, but why pay anything for subpar work?

Also, I shoot with a T5i and use my 50mm 1.4 most of the time.  I have a reflector and a speedlight (cheap offbrand with a cheap softbox) that I use to fill occasionally.  I spent a lot of time trying to understand ISO over the last couple days as well.  But I feel like when I practice I can’t tell if I’m doing well until I sit down and upload the images on a computer.  I plan on taking lots of time to figure out metering and maybe that will give me a little more insight!

While I was editing some shots yesterday I played more with saturation and I can see a little color improvement- but I think the first step is getting the focus in order.  I see that first when I look at my own work…  slowly but surely I think I can figure this all out!

Please if you have more advice or places that I could find some beginner info (there is sooooo much out there and it all contradicts each other!) tell me where I can get my hands on it 🙂