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I hope you are not religious, becauseI think you may have damned your self into Fauxtog hell by taking this shot


There’s one or two really nice shots, but there’s a lot more with problems. An awful lot of them don’t look sharp, as nesgran says, there’s no pop in any of the colours. Are you shooting raw? if so, you need to find out about dynamic range and them have another go at processing them.

You’ve got too many pictures with too many problems for us to be able to tell you what’s wrong with every shot.

I choose this at random (it’s on of the better ones )


The colour is not to bad, a tiny bit yellow, but it’s flat – the colours are muted. You’ve burnt out the white in the horses main but you haven’t got any rich blacks. You are only showing part of the dynamic range that should be in the picture.

You seem to have missed the focus. The horses eye is in focus, but the woman’s eyes are not. Also if you are shooting in a field, don’t get part of a roof coming out of the horses head.

I didn’t look at the prices, but I’d say you probably shouldn’t be charging, and that makes you a Fau……………………