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I just want to say when ebi said “this isn’t a direct critisim of you Erika”. He meant it that way.

You didn’t make excuses. You admitted to taking shortcuts like shooting in an automatic mode, and getting caught up in the fauxness. It’s easy to do. What you explained is exsactly how faux business are created 99.9% of the time. It can get crazy very quickly. I think it’s great that you are owning up to things, being honest with us, and to yourself. I find it refreshing really. That sort of integrity and self awareness doesn’t happen often here when the dreaded faux word gets said to someone.

Go ahead and pull down the train track pictures, so it doesn’t keep this thread alive and well. Believe me when I say the subject can get quite heated, and bring out a lot of anger in people. What has been said here is quite tame compared to what I’ve seen in the past. Some even go so far as to jump on fb walls and go off repeatedly over it, with their possy in hand. I don’t want you to have to deal with that. Thing is though even though I feel they are wrong to publicly speak their mind all over your business page, they are still right, and most of the photography world wouldn’t back you up.