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just shoot.  Shoot with no preconceived  ideas or outcomes.  Even if it’s wrong shoot.  (Easier said than done.  I’ve had many of dry spells)

One time I forced myself to shoot a bunch of crap, that I knew I’d get nothing from.  I ended up with a pretty blah photo of a bottle brush blossom.  It was in focus and the composition was ok, so I kept it.  In the meantime the blue glass mug that I used as a backdrop made a gorgeous light refraction if you tilted it just so and the light hit it just right.  The next day it was all about that blue glass, and I ended up making a photograph that quite possibly will never leave my portfolio.  Shoot nothing, shoot somthing, shoot anything, you never know what you might find, or what  kind of workable ideas will come from it.  Your shots will most likely suck pretty hard on these shoot anything without a care ventures, but… Ideas can spark, and inspiration might just strike you.