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I want to make it clear, because I didn’t really have it come across right on the phone, that what Ebi says is 100% clear. You just need to take a break from the business side but you need to take enough pictures of different people to really practice the technical skills. However you don’t have to schedule it at the rate you are right now either. You have your wonderful daughter to practice with and hopefully she won’t hate you for it, I’m sure friends and if you have family close by that will be willing to guinea pig for you too. Really the biggest thing is to just practice. Personally I’ve fallen into a bit of a rut but am swinging back into it- but when I’m really on top of my game and really practicing, my camera goes EVERYWHERE with me. It really does help a lot- when you go to a friend’s or a play date, you’ve got the camera there to practice inside. When you’re at the park you can practice action shots, etc etc.