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150$ doesn’t even cover my gas and wear and tear on my car! You normally factor in about 50 cents per KM.

Driving 50Km to meet the client to sign the contract: 25$
Driving 50Km back home from meeting the clients: 25$
Driving 50Km to the bride prep location:  25$
Driving 10Km to the ceremony location: 5$
Driving 10Km to the formals: 5$
Driving 10Km to the Reception: 5$
Driving 50Km home after the reception: 25$
Driving 50Km to meet the client to hand over the final product: 25$
Driving 50Km back home: 25$

Total cost just in wear and tear on the car and gas? 165$

Then you have to factor in the cost of runing a business (advertising, insurance, office supplies …), the cost of producing the final product (albums, prints, disk, labels, CD cases …) … where is the photographer making any money?

Anytime I see ridiculous amounts like this, I know it’s just a stay at home mom or a teen with one entry level DSLR … there’s no way any photographer would last charging those rates so obviously, they have no experience.

It was a very bad idea to hire such a low cost photographer … that being said, while the images you linked us aren’t great, I’ve seen far worse (and so have you if you are a memeber on this site). I think, based on the samples you showed us, that you got your money’s worth.

You could always try and sue the photographer but, unless the contract has a clause in there about the type of editing, a seiously doubt a judge will give you a favourable decision.

As far as not paying the photographer? Do YOU want to end up in small claims court for breach of contract?