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wait a minute, I never said I was expecting  anything like a pro would give me. I was looking at pros that would charge me over 2,000 and i cant spend that on pictures because i have a child with serious medical issues so all of our money goes to her. we discussed how i would like the pictures to look. i told her i did not want the kinds of edits she did but she said she could do different things. i saw some of her other pictures of children ( i know its different from weddings) and they seemed good. the pictures were in focus and pretty good sharpness. we decided of a final price of $100.

I’m not going to sue her or anything like that. I KNEW ( sort of) what i was getting into. i just thought they would at least be in focus…i asked her later if she shot in manual ans she said no..i let the camera do the work. I really wish i would have done more homework and looked around.