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As has been pointed out, we still don’t know what the whole deal was.  However, I was at a wedding workshop this summer and the least expensive photographer there charged $1500 because they lived in a very rural part of the province and they felt it was all their customers could afford.  Their booking deposit was $150, and all of their fee had to be paid by the wedding day.  The other photographers also expected to be paid by the wedding day but they had higher fees and booking deposits.  The person who put on the workshop started several years ago and charged $2000 for the first half dozen weddings, then raised her rates.

The hamburger analogy is not too bad.   You are lucky if you get what you pay for and if you are paying 10% or less it is not reasonable to expect top quality.  The photos are not wonderful, but they are not as bad as many we have all seen.  Unless the photographer was holding himself/herself out as an experienced wedding photographer, I think you got a reasonable result for $150.