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If i would stop getting hate mail i would be more then happy to repost my website. Im vary proud of my work. Its my art its what i love to do. Looking at the “Images” i have created brings a smile to my face. It seems the only issue anyone has is not with my photos them self but the fact that i charge money.

http://sphotos-a.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-snc7/384356_379108718830817_525828258_n.jpg   \

Here is a link to a photo the right is mine the left is another photographers im not trying to be hateful but if people are going to pay for her work why would it be so bad to pay for mine? In your eyes you might think there getting shit on ether way, But lets say the person cant afford what the pros charge. Should they not have photos of there big day? Or should they choose the best possible photographer in there price range? I cant afford a  Rolls-Royce but im surly not taking the bus. I got a Toyota and i don’t expect it to have the same features but i do expect it to run.