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I just have to say, it’s been bothering me all day that I typed “Heart and sole” instead of heart and soul.  I tried not to let it bother me, I tried to just laugh at myself and brush it off, but considering this thread contained a lot of discussion about grammar spelling, and the written word I have felt a little OCD over it.  I apologize to every other person out there that was subjected to my eye sore.  Not once but twice lol

and ebi, I have to admit you have at times made me cringe a little, but… in all fairness, I dont think you have ever said anything (other than the “last word” statement above) that I wasn’t already thinking myself and trying to come up with a less harsh way of saying it.  I find your commentary/comments entertaining, accurate, honest and kind of refreshing.  (confession:  If I see you have posted a reply, I get excited to click and read)  I think you, along with other voices here, provide a good balance to any criticism provided.  lol don’t let it all go to your head though, I’m just a peon over here, and I’ve been called a douche, dirtbag, dickhead, asshole etc etc many many times myself, so we are guilty of the same offense.  I call it,  giving my first honest reaction or opinion without filtering.  Other people might call it something else entirely 😉