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I did not for a second think with this crowd i would hear any thing close to “Your Great”. Funny thing is on this page its hard to find a website linked to there work. I may not be the best but surly not the worst. I  thought MBChamberlain comment was ok. Somethings he said were not even worth writing. So what if photography was an  after-thought in my life. Im only 24 how much of an after thought could it be? Was every professional photographer born with a camera in there hand? Of course growing up i wonted to be things like a super hero or president lol. I was only aloud to hold my fathers camera a few times growing up and when i did he would tell me to be careful, Because the camera costed more then it did to birth me. (He was vary protective of his gear). It was not till i actually got a camera better then a point and shot that i found how much i did enjoy it, Mostly because there was so much more i could do with it. I do actually know most of the techniques on his list and i do use them to the best of my ability, minus the gear i don’t have that would be need  to use some techniques. I have found it hard to get out of doing the selective coloring. I did it a few times and now im asked for it by everyone and some times i try to tell people no or i dont do it, and im asked over and over again and made to feel like i have to do what they wont.  Also hard not to give someone a CD when 3 other people within miles do give a CD. I wont my link removed but i cant. I removed my site because of the multiple daily emails and hate mail. If you have enough time to send me a two page hate mail then you are not a good photographer because your surely not busy with clients. Im sorry if my photos are just  lack luster images. Keep your eye out for them in a few years at least you will be able to tell them apart. 😉 What im getting at is nothing anyone tells me on here is going to change my mind. I fully enjoy every minute spent behind my camera and will continue to do so for a long long time.