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I agree with just about everything IHF has said. He’s pretty much on point.

EMF, my standards are far from petty, but yes they are my own. She came here for validation, got a little, brushed off the rest and continued on her merry way having not changed a bit. She paid some cash for a pretty site and boilerplate copy and took off running trying to be something she is not. Someone revived this thread and she comes back to basically say she’s got some new photographer to get advice from and everyones opinions are shit on here. And you are still kissing her ass?

At some point, I hope, you realize I am not the bad guy here. You seem to think that I am because of brusque remarks but what you fail to realize is that I do offer comprehensive critique to those that I believe to have some talent or, at the very least, put in some effort to improve themselves. But when random ppl come in and say “hey, here’s four half asked photos of some shit I shot badly displayed” or “here’s One hundred and fifty fucking photos that I haven’t edited”, I’m going to put them in their place. If they come back then, maybe it was meant to be, if not, then thank you for not wasting my time.

If you want to continue wasting your time, then by all means….