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No offense taken, EMF.

NewPhoto, I’m not sure if you are a relatively new mother, or if that was one of the other Heather Lynn photographers that has a page with a similar URL.  In any case, if you have or will have children, they will benefit greatly from parents who have good communication skills.  While we may be giving you some grief regarding how you present yourself here, I stand by what I said previously about your being taken more seriously by knowledgeable people if you write well.  I also want to emphasize the school systems in much of the world, including America, are not doing a tremendous job of imparting these skills while many competing forces like Twitter and Television are doing a fairly good job of degrading communication skills.  That leaves you, the parent, to fill that gap for your children and you will have difficulty if you are ill prepared, yourself.  I urge you to read well written books, technical publications about photography and anything else that interests you, and to write, spell check, and look up definitions in a dictionary for the sake of present and future children as well as your business.