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EMF, I was not aware that I was mocking her.  Although, I was pointing out in my previous post that I thought ebi was being sarcastic by writing in a similar manner to NewPhoto.

Predictive text is a bit like a spelling checker, both can be a boon or a pain.  If predictive text chooses the right word it saves you some key strokes.  If it chooses the wrong word, and you don’t catch it, you look foolish.  Spelling checkers are similar.  If you type “then” but you should have typed “than”, most spelling checkers will simply mark the word as being correctly spelt and move on.  In the first decade or two of the PC’s life there were several packages that included context sensitive spelling checkers which would attempt to not only ensure spelling was correct but also that the word fit the sentence.  One of those packages continually underlined whole sentences I had typed and complained that I was writing in a passive voice.   Until this minute, I have not thought about that in years!   I can’t recall if it was an early version of MS Word, a later version of Word Star, Borland’s Sprint, or one of the other word processing packages I used briefly while supporting a word processing pool and trying to figure out which software would work best for the company.  Anyway, all the current spelling checkers I am presently exposed to seem to just check a word against a database and if the word is found they are happy to move to the next word.  I have never found a good substitute for rereading and editing.  Sometimes I am also frustrated by typing errors and broken trains of thought I don’t catch until Submit has been pressed.

I think the reason she came back is because her current URL was posted in this thread and she received an email.

I just ran a Google search for some of the text on NewPhoto’s Investment page.  Whole sentences match http://sweetsagephotography.com/?pp_menu_ajax_fetch_custom_html=primary_nav_menu_item_8 , while in some cases one or two words are changed.  The order of sentences has  been rearranged.  This would seem to support I Hate Fauxtography’s assertion that NewPhoto did not write the text on her web page, but merely gathered up text others had written and reused it.

Why is recycling plastic considered admirable while recycling sentences is considered a crime?