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“She came back because she’s the type of person who needs to have the last fucking word”

No, she’s a sweet girl.  I don’t think that was her motivation at all.  She just struggles with accepting that she’s not being accepted as a photographer, and felt a little exposed since a discussion about her started up again.  Yes, she exposed herself, but that doesn’t take away the uncomfortableness of it.  She doesn’t want people out there to think badly of her.  Like I said Heather, this is not about you as a person.  You’re happy, your clients are happy, and things will run their course.  It really IS ok.  I understand ebi’s anger, but I think it’s slightly misdirected/misconstrued as personal.  I think artists tend to do that quite often.  It’s really hard not to when we find people fudging about, and taking so flippantly, something we hold very dearly and take so seriously.  LIke I’ve said numerous times before I hate fauxtography, not those who create it and fall for the draw of it all.  Lets remember how easy it is for someone to be taken in by it.  All those lovely comments, and all that encouragement and pushing/pressure we get from well intentioned friends and family to go pro and make money.  Then it’s discovered it’s a lot harder than we thought it would be.  Some push through it and take on the challenge, and most do not.  It feels easy and good, and wonderful to not take it on, and it’s encouraged by so many who sell to us relentlessly and by those who love and care for us.  Yes, the easy way is only temporary until they move on to something else, but it still feels real.  Tone it down just a touch.  I’m convinced Heather is a very nice person, and wasn’t looking to stir things up, she just lacks understanding.  She’s just caught up in things, and it’s obviously easy to get caught up in it, if so very many are doing it right along with her.  Some who accept that that is what they are doing, and some like Heather who have a harder time accepting it.

(BTW I have no idea why my last post posted in bold lol what’s up with that?!)