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I think Heather is aware that her grammar/writing is important.  That would be why all the info on her website is written well.  She took the time to find properly worded session information that another photographer worked hard on to write, to use as her own words.  I haven’t googled to find the original copy, but I’m sure if someone wanted to take the time to do it, you’d find possibly more than one photographer with the same exact wording on their site/sites.  All I know is, it’s pretty clear whoever wrote her copy, isn’t the same person we are talking to right now.



Heather, let’s be honest here,

You didn’t take what either MBC or I said to heart, and you didn’t use any of it to try to better your photography, or your business practices.  You left in a huff, found people that agreed with you and said things that made you feel better about your photography.  This is OK.  It’s what people do to feel comfortable, but NO you didn’t look into anything, and didn’t even try to apply any of it to your work or to your business.


Tell me

How is this early shot 


any different than this recent shot?


Other than having different subjects and using different actions on them?  Seriously tell me the difference in technique.  You did NOT take the time or care to learn about manipulating or using light, or any of the other technical advice that was given to you.  You are still taking snap shots and trying to polish them in post.  You still have selective color and weird editing with in your port. You still don’t finish the job and print for your clients, and leave the job to them while telling them of shuttefly specials and whatnot.  Judging by your port and the all over the place color I see, I doubt you are even correctly calibrated to finish your work properly.  YOU DO NOT put your heart and sole into your shots.  Your clients may be convinced of all your yadda yadda that you type out, but we can see the truth, just as you yourself can.  If you think photographers won’t get bent hearing you say how flipping hard you work, and how much you put into learning, and blah blah blah when there is clearly no progression in your port, you copy and paste other people’s words as your own, and have NOT put into practice any of the things you say you have, well… you are sadly mistaken.  The people that actually do work hard at this craft, will get a little ….ummmm disgruntled (just trying to put it as mildly as I can).  I doubt you even are insured, or collect and pay your taxes appropriately, but yet you put your heart and sole into your photography?  But that’s a whole different subject.

This is not about your character or your person, only your photography which is seriously lacking.  I’m sure you are a lovely person, with good intentions, but you are only talking the talk, and not walking the walk.  People that can see that WILL take notice and take offense.  You are only pretending to be what you portray yourself to the public that you solicit to, but there are people who actually sincerely do as you say you do.  All of the above doesn’t make you a horrible, awful, and nasty person, just a bad photographer.  I can think of much worse things to be.  and just because we can see through it, doesn’t mean we are horrible rotten human beings, that are out to get you either.  We just aren’t going to bullshit a bullshitter.  Don’t take this so personally.  You have lots of good company, and many many people who feel the same way you do about photography, but just know and respect, that there ARE those of us who take a lot more pride in what we do, put a lot more work, effort, and personal investment in what we do, and we care about how it makes our like minded peers feel and how it effects them both intellectually and financially.   If I as a hobbyist/enthusiast can respect the profession, than I expect professionals to be able to as well.  You have a lot to learn, and are unwilling to do so.  You are happy with what you are doing, kudos to you.  Accept the fact that you are not in the same game as most photographers, and chose a different route.  Embrace it and own it.  Go ahead fun with it, but don’t try to freakin bullshit me in the process.