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Just so everyone knows none of the advice was wasted on the original poster I read everything and had taken it to heart. I’m sorry if i got upset, came off like a bitch or like none of the advice mattered to me because it did. I was most upset to feel like people were not judging my photos but how much i cared for photography or how bad i wonted it. To this day i still do a hell of allot more free work then paid work because i enjoy photography. I take every opportunity to shoot, and learn. I really was putting my heart, and soul into every photo i had taken. So yes it was hard to hear the criticism. I can defiantly see allot of what i was doing wrong then, myself, and everyone around me has seen the improvements my work has made. So im sorry IHF if your not impressed but thank you for sharing my new site, I would love for everyone to see the work im doing now. See im not out to impress anyone at this point just doing what i love to do. The best thing about photography is that it does not conform. Each individual is free to produce the photos they wont, the photos that speak to them. I have been lucky enough to be mentored by one of the greats of photography, someone i got a chance to meet in middle school. While he was visiting area schools to teach the basics. He is now the only critic i I care for. I got many emails after i posted my links form people saying this is not the best place to go for critic, i would agree. It so easy these days for people to sit behind there keyboards and say anything. Im thankful for the good advice i did get from this site most of it going directly to my inbox including the advice from MBC .  I typed this and all of my previous messages out on my phone so i wall apologize for all my grammar mistakes and bad spelling. Truth is i don’t care if you judge me on that anyway 🙂