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“MBChamberlain wasted a lot of time posting that. Time that would have been better spent elsewhere. Weed out the idiots first, then you can help those who really care.”

I am starting to see this point Ebi, but one thing it doesn’t take into consideration is that such crits DO help the people who really care. The crit doesn’t have to be about your work for you to learn from it, in this case it was quite a board crit anyway which applies to all people wanting to start out. I and I’m sure others actually got quite a lot from that crit – maybe it was  wasted on the OP, but that doesn’t mean it was a waste of time.
@ IHF Thank you for replying and the helpful hints – I will try them out with another macro shoot  – though darn it, I was kinda look for a good excuse to get the 105 😉
I’m really interested in things like this;

It makes me think of Aaron Siskind’s abstract photographs – seeing something of interest and/or beauty in the smallest and/or  seemingly most ‘unremarkable’ of things.
And I love this one!