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I wasn’t going to go there, but… The original poster’s facebook  https://www.facebook.com/heatherlynnphotography1 and website http://www.hlfphotography.com/index.html  (not impressed)

Redbubble uses a clear gif to protect images, and may even use gifs as previews.  darn it.  Not willing to open a flickr just so you all can pixle peep, but it’s tempting.  I guess I can’t put off spending some money on finishing for very much longer

I bought a fuji X series.  Yes, WAY different.  The RAWs are treated so differently by my software than my canon.  I had to change all my standard/custom settings and whatnot, and all my presets I had made for myself don’t really work anymore.  The RAW to jpeg in camera conversion is freakin awesome though.  So much control over it.  I’ve been choosing to have the camera process them with my preferred settings the majority of the time.  In fact the dandy and all my recent shots on facebook were all OOC jpgs with only some bushed in definition where needed.  The fuji handles color so very well, and the sensor is a 16mp-trans CMOS sensor (that’ means a whole lot of blah blah yadda yadda to me.  Not so into specs) and let me tell you can it ever handle light.  I borrowed a mark ll for a week, and seriously, it’s comparable.  I’m not the only one who says so.  Beautiful high iso performance.  The AF is not so great for high speed, but it’s doable, and I’ve taken some really nicely focused action shots of the kids, but a sports camera, well… not yet anyway.  Very low light the AF can hunt some as well, but it’s still very manageable and reliable if you know how to work it. It’s a camera that makes you think about every shot and slow down, and I absolutely love that about it.  It’s not for everyone that’s for sure, but it seems to be perfect for me…well… like I said, the real test will be printing.