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I went back and looked at one on Red Bubble.  The file presented is a gif.   Good for viewing, but not as good as a JPEG and no where near as good as a TIFF or PSD file.  Sixteen bit files hold a lot more information than eight bit files.  8 bits give 256 values, 16 bits give 65,536 values.  14 bits gives 16,384 values.

I’m surprised you find working with the files different.  I would expect you to find working with the camera is different.  Most mirrorless cameras I have seen do not have an optical viewfinder, some have an electronic viewfinder and some require you to use what Canon called Live View.  My concerns would be how sensor size, photosite size and colour depth compare to a dSLR.  I have not looked recently, when I did I found the mirrorless systems wanting, so I purchased another dSLR.  I saw a post Trey Ratcliff put up that suggested he had switched to a mirrorless system and it was meeting his needs, but he does landscapes and I don’t think he ever really does street photography, wildlife, or sports, so perhaps he has no need of a system that can be aimed and focused quickly regardless of light on the subject or camera.  It will be interesting to see what you think of it once you have worked with it for a while.