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Thank you emf

Ditto to what nesgran has said.  I used a 100mm macro, and a 50mm at times for all the close ups.  My 100mm for the few more landscapy or pulled back images.  Love the 100mm.  It’s very versatile.  But before you go and spring for a new lens… It’s not so much how close you can get, but more about focus when doing close ups.  I think you will find if you concentrate on your focus, and lining the subject up within the same focal distance you’ll be much happier.  Try this experiment.  Go ahead and and crank that focus ring as far as it will go, then use your body to get in towards the subject, moving yourself back and forth and side to side until your focus falls into place. Almost like finding your comp within the view finder rather than with your eye.  I think if you were to do this, you might just find that you can get much closer than you think, and that closeness isn’t what you are actually looking for.

I just recently switched to a mirrorless system, and used my dslr and all my lenses to fund it.  Now I use a 60mm for close ups.  I’ve only posted a few shots taken with my new camera, as Ive been learning all it’s quirks and strengths, and just having fun.  So I’m not exactly comfortable with my skills yet.  If anyone wants to help me and critique these images.  I’d appreciate it.  I’m slightly uncomfortable that I have them up for sale, and haven’t yet had anyone really take a close look at them to tell me if they are up to par, and I havent printed/finished any shots from my new camera yet either… so yeah, feeling slightly guilty for putting them out there for sale.  Does anyone see anything that could hinder them from being good photographs (as in printed finished work)?






All of the above were all taken with a 60mm


These are my latest taken with my 60mm.  I haven’t made the time to chose/edit them (Maybe I’ll use them all?) and post to red bubble yet, but I was excited to share them.