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I didn’t want to do this, but you have gotten my blood boiling now, so nice isn’t going to happen anymore.  I wish I hadn’t even offered to help you at this point.

WOW!  I think you may take the cake as the most disrespectful person to ever ask “Am I a faux?” here on YANAP, but it IS fairly new, with time I’m sure another will come along.

Long standing pros KNOW that they didn’t come out of the womb a photographer.  They know it takes time, effort, talent, practice, seeking knowledge, and critique ect
It is YOU that thinks you are already good enough after just a few months, because you feel your photos are better than some hack’s down the street.

I can’t believe you got hate mail over posting here asking for opinions.  That’s horrible, if true!!! Especially considering they could have openly discussed things right here in this thread.  This is a first.  Whomever did that should be ashamed of themselves.

“I cant afford a  Rolls-Royce but im surly not taking the bus. I got a Toyota and i don’t expect it to have the same features but i do expect it to run”
Exactly!!!  a person should be a photographer first, before they become a professional photographer that shoots for others.

I’ve linked to my work here several times (many others have as well), and I’ll do it again if it makes you feel any better

I find it irrelevant for a couple reasons though.  1) I don’t post my portrait experiments publicly as I am still learning, and only post in public when I need help and/or critique from pros.  2) Knowing what goes into a photograph/portrait and being able to achieve it consistently and reliably are two totally different things.  Besides I’m no pro like you or MBC only an amateur, a beginner who has only been shooting seriously for about 2 years now.  The difference is I have respect for the art/craft/expertise and respect for pros that have withstood the test of time.  I learn from them as much as I possibly can.  The foundations and fundamentals of photography will NEVER change, it will never be EASY to make good technically and artfully wonderful photographs.  There is no short cut!!  The fundamentals of business also will NEVER change.  It is wise to listen to people that know what they are talking about rather than the girl down the road that has only been in business for 2 years, or a photog that’s only in it to sell you something.  Both will only have nice things to say.  The latter because telling people what they want to hear SELLS.  The former, because misery loves company, and she needs someone to make fun of behind closed doors to feel better about herself while her husband comes down on her for not making enough money at it or because he thinks she should be doing more.  Or she just hasn’t realized yet that she is going into debt being “in business” or making less than minimum wage.  She hasn’t grown tired yet, but rest assured she eventually will.

The list MBC gave you only has one thing that requires equipment that you do not have (at least from what I remember seeing you don’t use lights).  Rembrandt Lighting.  and no, you do not use all the techniques.  You forget, we are not your clients, we photograph, and we can see what techniques were used, or lack there of because we also use our cameras everyday.

“Maybe my passion is to be different”

You are absolutely no different than all the other fauxs, you fit right in with every stereotype  word per word, and photo per photo

*shakes head*