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I think out of all the images of Kyle you posted, you only have one worthy of displaying, which is the image of him staring into the camera holding his guitar (the 3rd image). All of the otherĀ images look pretty flat and boring. Nothing really stands out or gives you a “wow” factor.. kind of looks straight out of the camera and the last image looks like it could have been taken with a point-n-shoot.

Also, it feels out of place for him to be wearing a suit in the environment you chose. Always take in account what your clients are going to wear and chose a location that best fits or seems more natural. This rule doesn’t always apply, especially if your creative intent it to contrast the environment with clothing but generally should be kept in mind.

Lastly, the lighting in some of the images is very nice and soft whereas in others its harsh and gives Kyle raccoon eyes. Probable you should invest in a reflector or build your own. You can use a 20×30 plain white poster board, its inexpensive and easy to find.