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thanks nesgran

thanks cameraclicker, ya, i shot in raw and all of them are in color.  the one that was out of focus, is actually me.  i gave my camera to a friend to take my photo and as always when you give your camera to someone (non photography friends), they usually mess up the shot.  Story – i told my friends i enlisted and i was getting tons of text messages telling me to be safe and the were going to give me a send off party…so sent them a photo of me in the union army… haha everyone thought i really joined the real military.  wasnt meant to be posted and more of a gag photo for my friends.

“It’s sharp, but you only really see one face, everyone is looking away, there is no real focal point.”  < —thanks you for this advice, i will definately remember that at the next shoot.

and photo of the guy signaling, i saw it in the view finder and thought it was pretty funny too.  he actually kept signaling, but no one listened.

since i’m a beginner and only looking to get better, any advice or critiquing is extremely helpful…

keep in mind, i’m running and being fired upon by fake bullets…ahhh the carnage…they wouldnt even let me say noooooooo when my friend faked died on the battlefield.

i added more, but this so far is my favorite…

girl crossing soldiers