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The links don’t work for me, but I think these are them:

cool shot


Seems like focus was shallow and at his ear instead of his eyes?

union soldiers enter the farm

death of a comrad

shot in the leg

Probably not the best.  It’s sharp, but you only really see one face, everyone is looking away, there is no real focal point.

union soldier cleaning rifle

confederate soldier after battle

horse gaze at me

confederates resting

horse laughing

man and his horse

Good portrait

horseman tired after battle

Another good portrait

siloette after a battle

Very cool!


This is great! The guy on the horse is signalling,  and everyone is looking the opposite direction.

canon fire at night

Smoke and fire!  Bet this would look good in colour too!  Did you shoot raw?  I would love to see this in colour.

gaze of war from the seargant

Really like this one!

I think the B&W really suits the set because of the subject matter.  If you shot these in raw, try converting to sepia, too.  These are really good.  I enjoyed looking at them.