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I think it depends on the event.  I like to wear something that disappears.  Candid photos are easier if no one sees you until there is a bright flash, and by then it’s too late.  That works pretty well for weddings, too.

If you are going to be dragging equipment around, or climbing ladders and laying on the ground, a suit is probably not a good idea since it would need cleaning after, and might be too restrictive anyway.

Your interest in photography causes you to notice the photographer and what he/she is wearing.  Did everyone notice, or just you?  Years ago, everyone in the office wore a suit.  Now the only ones wearing a suit are sales people.  We used to wear suits but I don’t think I have worn a suit to the office for 20 years and I seldom wear a tie.  I think the last time I saw another engineer in a suit it was 1986 and by 1990 we had lost our ties too.  Almost no one wears a suit to church on Sunday anymore.  When I was small everyone got dressed for church, now we even go in jeans to match the rest of the congregation.