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IHF, thank you so much for your critique!  I appreciate you taking the time to give me such an in depth review. Concert photography is definitely what I do best, I think.  It is the reason why I bought my first DSLR in the first place (a Canon Rebel XS).  I like nature/landscape photography, but I know I need more practice learning how to see things from an interesting angle that most people wouldn’t see a certain scene from.

As far as portrait photography, I know I have a long way to go with that.  What I liked most about your critique was how you compared my artwork to portrait photography.  That definitely clicked with me and you got your point across very well.  You’re right about the photo of the redhead with the jacket, I would leave the jacket out if I were drawing her.  Great way to look at things!  Flash/studio lighting is my weakest point, I believe.  I don’t know that much about it and at the point I took the photos of the redhead, I had literally JUST gotten my first hot shoe flash and was eager to try it out.  Not making excuses, I do agree that the photos are rather flat and lack dimension.

CoastalTog:   I originally only had a Facebook page, so I still mostly link to that a lot of the time.  I don’t know why, but thank you for pointing that out.  As far as the “client” thing goes, I suppose “client” was a poor word choice.  I just don’t know what else to call the people that I shoot for/with on a regular basis.  I know that probably sounds like I’m trying to back peddle, but I am honestly being genuine on that part.  Thanks for taking the time to respond and offer some feedback!