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Sorry it took so long to get back to you

YAY!  So so SO much better :). Good job!

I like your concert photography, they culled down nicely, and you caught some good moments.  The ones you chose tell me you can see with a deserting eye, and that’s half of what photography is about.

the nature shots dont do much for me.  But they aren’t horrible and composition and exposure wise, they are pretty good.  I would just try to see things from new perspectives, and experiment more with POV.  Practice the rule of thirds, learn about leading lines and how they work.  How colors play in a photograph.

your portraiture is just kind of ho hum, but I can see you are getting something.  I like your SOOC type editing, and I’m so happy you aren’t playing around to much with it while you learn the  basics of photography.  I think that’s  important to do.  There are a few composition rules you are breaking, but I know you will get it with time.  I can see it in your work.

now, I want you to look at your drawings and examine them for a minute.  See how the subjects are isolated, and the piece of work is all about them?  Same goes for portraiture.  No busy backgrounds.  Like the one portrait you have of that beautiful red head.  See the jean jacket behind her/next to her?  Do you feel how it makes the image seem lopsided and heavy on one side, and how it makes your eyes leave the subject and roam for a while?  If you were to draw this photo, would you include the person that was cropped out?  Would you try to isolate your subject and make her the main focus?  Now look at your drawings again.  Notice the wonderful shadows and light that add depth  and dimension?  The goal in photography is the same.  You are trying to make an essentially flat image, into an  image with dimension.   The only way to accomplish this is with proper light and shadow.  Now go back to your portraits.  How would you draw them to add dimension?  You would have to add shadows and light and play a little right?  The goal is to get that look on camera.  Instead of using your usual mediums though, you have to paint with light and shadows.  You have to learn how to manipulate and use light to get it to work for you.  Google portrait lighting, devour everything you can.  Even if you don’t have studio lighting or flash to work with, everything you learn about lighting patterns (google that term too) can be used and successfully captured with natural light.  Learn about modifiers and how they can be created and used to manipulate the light in flattering ways.  You can do this!

study study and study some more, and shoot a LOT. Don’t be afraid to fail, it’s gonna happen.  You’ll make a million mistakes, but that’s the only way to finally get to that “ah ha!” Moment where your experiments become more focused and purposful. Good luck to you