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I agree, I actually wish I could delete this thread, but no idea how.

Hello everyone, I will chime in here.

First, camerclicker, thank you.  The shot with my grandson in his Daddy’s shoes was done for Fathers Day as a surprise and he loved it.  The one I did with the shark blanket was the first thing I purchased for him that was given as a present for the baby shower before his birth.  I have been trying to photograph his portraits with props such as these that have meaning, that way when they are looked back upon, you can see how small he was to get into his Daddy’s (my son’s) shoes and I can remember how long it took for him to grown into the first item I purchased for him, and have a portrait to document it.  We did try earlier, it was just too big for him.

Ebi, You are very rude and yes, I was well aware and ready for critique and ready for honest answers but in your later posts, you hit something that is party true.  I am a full time IT system administrator and my IT job has always come first, photography.  I have studied and trained since 2006 as a hobby but again, my job is first and it takes a lot of study as well.  I cannot fully focus full time on photography as I would like, and that is what makes me different than people you are comparing me too.  I care more about photography and art than I do money or going pro, it matters to me.  I do not market myself as a pro, nor have I hardly done any promoting on my behalf, it has been a hobby and those that I have photographed are aware of this.  I am preparing to go “pro” in the future when I am ready.  I am an artist and a very creative person, when I read through your rudeness it does make me realize that I am and have been going in a circle of not having the time I would like to put into my photography and for the future, perhaps if I don’t have the time, I shouldn’t try because maybe the shots you probably dislike so much are the ones that I did without that time to fully be as creative as I would like to be, so thank you for that.  I’m guessing that you only took notice to the ones you didn’t like so you could have more reason to be rude.  Ebi my question to you is, why are you here?  Are you here to help and provide advice and teach or to vent your frustration on how photography and art is being redifined by those who call themselves a photographer and artist?  Perhaps if you are just here to vent and not help people, maybe you should find something else to do.  Not everyone is going to take so kindly to your remarks, or have thicker skin as I do, nor take the effort to try to see a point from someone that was so rude and mean just because you are angry.  You could probably help a lot of people instead of scaring them away.  Your life, your time, your choice, I’m really not interested in your answer just giving you something to ponder on.

Everyone, the items on my page are now marked private except for the albums my clients are still ordering.  They will be closed this weekend as well.  I am preparing to relocate and will not be doing any photography except personal for the next 6 months to a year.  I really want to reorganize it and remove a lot of my older work that is still present and do as advised here and get rid of the confusion since I don’t have time to do that prior to my move, I am putting everything private and will come back to it once I am settled and clean it up per the advice I got here.

Thank you all very much for showing me how confusing it was and sending me in the right direction and all the advice, I really appreciate it.