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“And even if she improves on a technical level, it won’t help the fact that her photos are just unoriginal drivel.”

I think art is a massive learning curve and unless someone has absolutely no aptitude for creativity, they can have the potential to get more creative and original as they go along. In art many start by making pastiches maybe without showing too much originality, the creativity can come later. I’m a painter and when I look back at stuff I did ages ago I cringe – it’s a corny mess. Btw, I’m not making any comparision to the OP’s work here, just an observation in general and my response to the above quote.

Photog wise I’m a relative noob and what I’ve seen of this site so far is great. It offers REAL honest crits from pro’s which is pretty invaluable when your starting out and want to learn. Sure it can be really tough to take, but it is the only way to learn.

I understand that it must be frustrating when people ask for crits then get all sulky when they get them, but in this case I think the OP had a good attitude to the crits and it was completely unnecessary to be so rude. EVERYONE starts out a bit (or in some cases a lot) crap (not you OP!! another generalisation 🙂 ) But if they ask more experienced people for help and ARE willing to listen, I think it’s the right thing for that said experienced person to offer real advice and impart a bit of wisdom. That’s how artists grow.

Ebi, you sound like you have a LOT you could people – it’s a shame you’re not.