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agreed with a lot of the above comments. Wide angle lenses can be fun, But for me, when I need to shoot something wide, to get more in the frame, I always go back and fix the perspective on the images. I use capture one pro and they have a great keystoning tool that makes it very simple. On people, wide angles are generally bad. Unless you are shooting a rap video…your work shows promise. Even the graffiti shot is nice if it had a little better light on the girl. She just needed to look towards the light and maybe stepped forward a little bit. Many of your wedding photos were lit pretty well already. The flash more often than not, took away from the image. An extra pair of hands and a reflector to put a little light on them would have solved the issue. But compositions are pretty good with the exception of a few – the one with the couple who have a tree coming out of their head is a good example. The still life shots look great. Keep working!