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Oh yeah, I get what you mean. I’ve played with different watermarking styles. I started with doing the low-opacity band across a 1/3 line of the image. That felt too distracting, so I started just doing text off to the side using Lightroom (lower opacity also). Then I liked what some photographers were doing with a thin repeating line of text across a 1/3 line. That again felt too busy so I made a watermark brush preset in PS and started doing that, and placing it on an area that’s less distracting. I guess I like to switch it up once in awhile. I don’t have an actual logo (yet, I’m working on ideas for a good one) so it’s just been nice fonts thus far. I’m not sure if the inconsistency is bad or fine. Some photogs change it up like I do and some feel they need to keep the same one just like they need to keep their business name constant.