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While we’re talking about light meters.. You might as well talk about reflective/incident, etc. And, how to use your histogram to tie it together.  While your “built in light meter” is decent.. It’s far from perfect. You also have to choose spot/center weighted/partial/average/multizone and whatever else is out there in different cameras.. This is pretty much why auto mode sucks.. Camera’s are stupid and coincidentally quite frequently fuck up in automatic modes.. This actually includes every mode that relies greatly on the built in meter… People think because they’ve set their exposure to -0- it’s going to be perfect.. Your histogram will usually tell you how unbalanced your exposures are..  Most people take 1 shot and call it a day.. Take 10, get it right, read the histogram adjust and take a balanced shot. No, I’m not saying your light meter is irrelevant, it’s actually very useful..