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@browneyedgirl89, thanks, I appreciate the feedback although I am confused by it, a little.

I too thought the image was a bit warm.  I opened up the file intending to reset the white balance and was surprised to discover the eye dropper placed on the top tier of the cake shows the white balance is correct, 205/205/201 was one reading.  It jumps around a bit as the dropper is moved but the numbers are all quite close.  There are lots of white references available but making white be white for some of them would take out the ambiance.  As the dropper is moved down the cake the numbers change with blue falling off the most, due to the candle light.  The flood lights are probably incandescent as they look pretty warm too.

I liked the landscape view but I appreciate you find the extra stuff distracting.  I just tried out a square crop, keeping the vases with a little space to the edges, which removed most of the Hershey Kisses.  I think that does look better as the eye is not attracted to the lower left corner.

There are several things I don’t like about the hired photographer’s photo,  over exposure, too shallow depth of field, the flowers on the table in the background are too bright, and there are twigs coming into the frame on the right side without a reason.  There is no detail in the petals and yet the petals appear slightly yellow, and the candle flames are not apparent.  I measured the same place on the cake in their photo and got 240/228/212, so the cake is actually more yellow, ie. white balance is less accurate, although the overall balance of the room is probably more white and values read on the other cake tiers are more uniform due to the candle light having less, or no effect.  The greater evenness of warm tone may make the image look more accurate to you.

I am also confused that you think there are shadows caused by my flash.  I see shadows caused by the room lights and the candles, but none that I would associate with a hot shoe mounted flash in any of the four shots posted.  Can you point out the shadows from the flash?  Feel free to download a copy and mark it up if that is easier than explaining with words alone.