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My intentions were not to make people choose sides and draw lines (red rover, red rover).  However, I do feel that this post was a success.  I started the thread in hopes that people may realize that shooting on Manual isn’t the defining characteristic of a Pro.  I think jim-e said that turning dials in manual mode to get the ev meter to read zero still makes us slave to the light meter, and that’s what we are supposed to be, slaves to the light.  I’m afraid that people who are aspiring pro, or have recently went professional have it embedded in their brain that manual is the only thing a photographer should shoot in.  Camera manufactures like Canon, Nikon, Olympus, and the rest put light meters in their high end DSLR not so that mom can run out and buy the weekly Best Buy special and open shop.  They put it there as a tool we can use, and should use.  Let’s back up to my original post.  By putting the camera in P mode and pointing it at your subject you will get a reading from your built-in reflective light meter, f/16 at 1/250th.  Now you have a jumping off point.   Its up to you, as a smart, patient, well-informed photographer to interpret that information.  You may want to over expose that scene a stop for whatever reason.  Now you can switch to manual and dial in f/16 at 1/125 or f/11 at 1/250, that’ll depend on your focal length.  Or I suppose some will just switch it to manual and keep turning dials until the arrow points to zero, shoot, and then decide to open up.  Yes, we would both get the same exposure probably, I do it my way, you do it yours.  The reason for the original post was the bashing of the automatic modes.  Manual doesn’t make you a good photographer.  Manual says you understand some terminology.

I’ve not heard it neigh for a while, this horse could be dead.