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I just have to chime in to say how incredibly entertaining this thread has been, and how I am, for the first time very happy my eyes are screwed, and I am unable to preview anything while I’m shooting lmbo (other than checking color and comp, or maybe if the exposure is REALLY jacked), it’s just a blob of a blur.  Eventually though I would like to tether up somehow so I can.

back to the original subject

I’ve never really messed with P too much.  I thought P would be good for others to use when I wanted in the picture, but it always failed me.  So now if I need a non tog to shoot,  I slide it to AV and just adjust the aperture.  I use AV quite a bit though for snaps.  In fact all the time for quick snap shots.  Shutter priority I have played with, but most times when I’m wanting to control shutter speed for creative purposes, I want to be in manual anyway.


the way I see it is, the final image is way more important than how you got it.  If a tog can make me go WOW or gasp shooting on P, the images don’t lose any credibility. (But I have yet to have that happen)