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My camera has a light meter in full manual mode. There should really be no reason to shoot in anything other than full manual. I can understand Aperture priority or Shutter priority modes though, because you’re then defining the creative aspect of aperture (mainly for DOF) or when dealing with maybe a low-light situation where you don’t have time to change settings (I’m not talking posed portraiture here) where you’d want to make sure your shutter speed doesn’t dip low enough to cause blur.

I don’t always change my settings so that my light meter points to zero. Sometimes it’s necessary from a creative standpoint to over or under expose a stop or two. With using autofocus points on a specific area of the image frame, the light meter will try to expose correctly for that area. But, it can also blow out the sky. Different metering modes can help compensate, as well as bracketing and merging two images in post if necessary (or, possibly even using a sky overlay- I have one I created myself and occasionally will use it to fill in a washed-out or cloudless sky- but I honestly do not use it much).

You need to have the creative control and with P mode, you do not.