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@ browneyedgirl,

The more I experiment with this camera (it’s my first DSLR so I’m relatively new to just how many features and modes are on it), the better I get at choosing the right setting for ‘that’ shot, and my reflexes are quicker.

Pretty soon I won’t even remember what ‘P’ was for! LOL … oh ~ and to be honest I absolutely despise that green box setting! Dumb flash goes up every time … it’s like when I was at the fireworks in July and all these little pop pop pops are going off .. and not the fireworks!

I currently may use P sometimes, but I haven’t needed to lately. I guess I just meant that one shouldn’t feel as if it’s not permitted any more .. sometimes it’s fun! click click click ..

.. one more thing I’ve stopped using is automatic focus on the lens. It’s too slowwww … I can focus faster manually.