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Actually, ajay, I charge $50/hr for lessons.


Histograms tell you the relative pixel levels of the exposure, after filtering through the jpg processor, which also filters through the picture modes and WB. It does not tell you if those pixels are correctly exposed, whatsoever. Not in the least. Only if you apply external knowledge of the scene will the histogram tell you anything. I use it all the time to tell me all sorts of things, but it never tells me “proper exposure”. Ever.


While I was going to let it pass, you decided to be snotty. So now I’m calling you out to explain your comment.

Please enlighten us how the histogram can determine proper exposure, and how wrong the reflective light meter is.

People think because they’ve set their exposure to -0- it’s going to be PERFECT.. Your histogram will usually tell you how wrong you are..  Most people take 1 shot and call it a day.. Take 10, get it right, read the histogram adjust and take a proper shot.