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I think there is a tutorial online too (stupidly I didn’t bookmark it and now can’t find it, but it’s worth searching for as it was good) about shooting people according to their physical characteristics, so if someone has a bigger nose or more prominent chin etc etc, shoot from an angle that will flatter that feature, rather than exaggerate it. Also studio lighting will change people’s features depending on what lighting pattern you use, such as Broad lighting which will make a persons face look wider so wouldn’t be suitable for a person with a wide face etc.

Another consideration is the angle of view of your lens, as that will make a difference to how their features are recorded – for example, a wider angle could distort your subject and make them look bigger. Same as it would exaggerate a big nose etc. Sorry, I can’t really explain this in much detail as I’m only just learning it myself  – but it is worth researching for yourself 🙂