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If these are the seven shots you want to show us to tell you whether or not you should make a business of it, then I must be blunt and say no, you shouldn’t

1) The shot is not sharp. Why are you standing over them?

2) This could work but the shot is really noisy and the back ring is not in focus. You need to stop down a lot for ring macros

3+4) Seriously overexposed, you’ve burnt off all definition in the face

5) The soft focus doesn’t work and it looks like my eyes are just really tired

6) You have merging of the ring and the tree, the colour temp is also incredibly warm so it will look horribly out of place if you have a series of shots and this is one of them

7) probably the best shot out of the seven but still not quite hitting the mark with some technical problems. The pose makes her look about four or five months pregnant, the black panties don’t match the corset (different textures), you’ve chopped off the guys hair and you’ve given him a muffin top. The shadows are too dark on their faces and it looks as if you have not had any additional light apart from what came in through the window which could have helped with that. Having extra light would make you be able to have the highlights on her right shoulder not be blown out.

Because of all this I would say you need to practice more before you start your own business. Go out and shoot lots more and when you instinctively know what makes for an interesting photo that is also technically good, find a photographer that will take you on as an assistant and go from there. I know it isn’t the quick solution you might be after but it will mean that you will be a photographer rather than a fauxtographer. There is no reason why you can’t team up with them for fun and portfolio building for all three of you but you have a long way to go before you should be charging.