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I don’t like blogs like that. I think that serious photographers need to be extremely guarded with their work. 90% of what I photograph is never seen by anyone other than me. The other 10% is seen by the client and of that only 1% is seen by the public. So 1% of 10% of my work will ever been seen. You should control the quality of your content online. Just because you have unlimited space doesn’t mean you should put everything out there. It’s fine if you have a blog but they too should be edited meticulously. No one wants to go through 100 or even 15 photos from someones “session”. This is short attention span theater here…you need to be concise. I think the best first lesson for someone who is producing work is to teach them how to edit. It is something that takes a lifetime to learn. You can’t tell them what to look for, they need to know what to look for. So it is easier to say, “you’ve got 5 looks, show me the best one from each”. Once they’ve chosen what they think is the best, I can then start tearing it apart”. They may have had better images in the stack, but that is inconsequential. We only care about what they perceive to be good.

As for big girls: I don’t think other big girls find big girls attractive. I think they say they do to show support and solidarity amongst other big girls. But they all want to be smaller. Even the ones that say they are happy with their bodies. So, in photographs, they also want to look smaller. Bellies hanging out are not attractive on anyone. I wouldn’t even show them to prospective clients that happen to be fat. Just give them to your clients and that will be the end of it. Many jobs I do never end up in my portfolio.