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I definitely think this could be “10 commandments to Model Mayhem photographers.” Lol. I have never had a model shoot personally but I know some real creeps who have photographed “girls who are trying to break into the modeling scene” (some of which are nasty skanks, but that’s a side-note) and all the sudden middle-aged creeps with cameras come out of the woodwork. There’s one in town here I swear is a pedophile also, but who am I to judge really. He did “test shoots” with a woman I know who is very pretty just to get posing ideas before her “real shoot” and she made him promise he wouldn’t show anyone the test shoots. Then word got out that he showed a bunch of guys, and she had her “posse” watching him for a few weeks (yes, I know, wtf?? she had a posse?) Anyways he does all this model photography, and also has lots of albums of little girls he’s photographed on his page as well. Creepy.